Ability Industrial Stories

Message from Chenenvor Saays (Intellectual Disability):Chenenvor Saays - Ability Wear Printing

“I was a very shy boy when I started at the Association for the Physically Disabled 8 years ago. My first job was to paste stickers on envelopes in the Ability Industrial Job Creation Centre.

About 4 years ago I moved to the Ability Wear Screen-printing Department where I was trained by the supervisor as a Printing Assistant. My duties included checking garments for defects, counting stock and operating the baking oven.

In March 2014, APD’s senior printer resigned and the decision was taking to promote me to the Junior Printer position. I have now been printing for over a year and will be a fully qualified next year. I want to thank APD for this life-changing opportunity.”

Message from Nombuyiselo Maarman (Physical Disability):Nombuyiselo-Maarman

“I started at APD in 1979 in the Ability Industrial Job Creation Centre. From there I moved to the Ability Wear Sewing Department where I started to learn about sewing.

When I started at APD I knew nothing about sewing. But now you can give me anything to sew. I want to encourage all the young disabled people to come and work at APD.

Thank you APD for giving me the opportunity to work for my family. It is very nice to get up in the morning to come to my job.”