Ability Recruitment Centre

The Ability Recruitment Centre is registered with the Department of Labour and is responsible for finding employment for suitably qualified people with disabilities in the open labour market in Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Dispatch).

Ability Recruitment provides the following services:

  • Placement of people with disabilities in the open labour market
  • Advise and partner with other registered placement agencies to ensure the rights of people with disabilities are upheld throughout employment processes
  • Provision of work-readiness programmes to applicants registered on our database
  • Presentation of disability sensitisation workshops to companies and government departments to address social and environmental barriers
  • Conduct accessibility surveys and compile reports to ensure workplace environments are accessible to people with disabilities
  • Advise companies and government departments on reasonable accommodation measures and universal design principles



Ability Recruitment is the only service provider in Nelson Mandela Bay offering a comprehensive range of employment services to people with disabilities.

The increasing number of people with disabilities been placed in full-time positions and learnerships by Ability Recruitment shows that we are making significant progress in changing the mindsets of local employers regarding the employment of people with disabilities.



  • Increased placement of people with disabilities in the open labour market in Nelson Mandela Bay
  • Increase our roll out of disability sensitisation workshops to educate employers of the need to employ people with disabilities
  • Strengthening of our work-readiness training programmes to increase the employability of registered applicants
  • Employment of additional staff to meet the increased demand for our services
  • Overall we would like to significantly extend our skills training and employment services to unreached persons with disabilities and their communities



“My experience at the sensitisation workshop presented by APD was very interesting and moving. Before I went to the disability workshop I saw life in a different way, not understanding disabled people. After the workshop, I lived and served my life in a different manner. For example, I used to use the disabled parking bays even though I’m not disabled. Now I get irritated by people parking there if they are not disabled. I also stopped feeling sorry for disabled people. I actually feel sorry for those people who don’t know what disabled people go through because the world is disabled in its own way. I would gladly go to any course that APD offers.” Lifa Mquku (Alpha Pharm)

 “Thank you all so much for the workshop – my staff are still talking about it. This will provide a start for projects around accessibility to the various museums. I am sure there will be lots of feedback.” Mrs. Fleur Way-Jones (Albany Museum Group Chair: Disability Advisory Committee)

“I would like to thank APD’s Sensitisation Team for hosting a highly informative and entertaining workshop. We hope that similar workshops will now be presented in all districts across the Eastern Cape.” Mr. Tabiso Khetsi (Dept of Roads & Transport)


We invite all people with disabilities in the Nelson Mandela Bay region to register with Ability Recruitment so that we can add you to our applicants database.

Laura Schrieff Ability Recruitment Manager

Should you be interested in our Recruitment Services please contact Laura Schrieff (Recruitment Manager)
Tel: (041) 484 5426