AbilityCare Adult Centre Launch

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In line with our mission to provide relevant and life-changing services to persons with disabilities in Nelson Mandela Bay we are proud to announce the successful launch of the AbilityCare Adult Centre.

AbilityCare Adult Centre (APD Nelson Mandela Bay)_4We have identified a pressing need experienced by parents who have children with physical and intellectual disabilities who require a service which provides stimulating activities in a caring environment. In most cases these are young adults who have finished their formal schooling and who cannot be left at home unattended while the parents are at work.

As the centre grows new activities will be introduced in conjunction with a variety of skilled volunteers and will include amongst others: gardening, painting, knitting and craftwork.

The centre has a “chill lounge” with comfortable couches, tv, and a dvd player. The young adults will be kept entertained in this area during the afternoon wind-down sessions.

As funds allow outings to various parts of the city including Bayworld and other popular locations are being planned.

Potential attendees need to be self-sufficient, generally independent and capable of helping themselves within the confines of their disabilities. A prescribed list of criteria will be provided along with an application form to interested parties.

The centre is located at APD’s premises in Paterson Road, North End, and will be managed by our competent staff who have been intimately involved in the disability sector for over 15 years.

Attendees will be charged a monthly fee which will assist in covering fixed overheads and supervision costs.

Given APD’s 75 years of existence in the disability sector we are well positioned to offer this much-needed service with the necessary accessibility requirements (e.g. ramps, lifts, toilets) already in place along with our team of experienced and sensitized staff.

For further information or to request an application form please contact Patricia Bruiners on (041) 4845426 or patricia.bruiners@apdnmb.org.za