We are proud to report that we retained out B-BBEE Level 1 135% Contributor status in March 2017.

APD qualifies as a socio-economic beneficiary able to perform socio economic development initiatives and contributions with the specific objective of facilitating sustainable access to the economy for its beneficiaries.
Any contributions directly benefit a Black Beneficiary Base of greater than 75% and APD thus qualifies for 100% B-BBEE Socio-Economic Development Recognition.

By focusing our time and resources on individuals, we empower them to become catalysts for change in their immediate social circles, and in time, their communities. In our opinion, this is the best model for effecting wide-reaching, meaningful change in society.

Association for the Physically Disabled B-BBEE Affidavit (2017-2018)

Association for the Physically Disabled B-BBEE EME Letter (2017-2018)