Developers make mall accessible to disabled

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16 Jan 2015, The Herald (South Africa)

THE Nelson Mandela Bay disability sector awaits the Baywest opening with eager anticipation (“Baywest Mall set for completion by mid-April”, January 14). We are grateful that the Baywest developers have chosen to seek guidance from the disability sector regarding accessibility matters at the new centre along the N2.

The many meetings with the sector and the constant transparency of the developers will bring about a facility with minimal barriers. Based on commitments from the developers and drawings presented to us, Baywest should truly be universally accessible.

Many developers, architects and builders can take a leaf out of Baywest’s book. If universal accessibility is implemented at the foundation phase of the building process, as it should be, more job opportunities would be made available to persons with disabilities.

South Africa is a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and as such this should be considered an obligation, not a favour.

Thank you, Baywest.

Brian Bezuidenhout, Executive Director, Association for Persons with Disabilities, Nelson Mandela Bay