Well I guess we need to start with the positives. Financially we have achieved the unthinkable, given the tough economy that we find ourselves in. To turn a business around by R865 000.00 without any serious outside cash injection takes hard and smart work. Fortunately these are 2 strengths that the Ability Team possesses.

Many years of planning and sacrifice and asking the Board to, “Watch This Space”, has finally produced the desired outcome. Our mind-shift some years ago to shed the “charity case” look and do “Real Business” has paid off. There has been much sacrifice from all APDNMB staff and workers in our quest to keep the doors open. We have achieved just that. All praise be to God who gives us strength.

During the last year we again proudly proved that we can compete toe to toe with our competition when we were awarded that Casual Day clothing order. We manufactured and printed on 35000 t-shirts and 8000 bucket hats.

The downward spiral in our economy has placed an obvious strain on our Industrial Workshop where we do labour intensive work for industry at large. Given the fact that factory production has slowed down dramatically, our clients now tend to hold the trimming/finishing work back for their own people to do.

The emergence of trade union activity within our operation has necessitated certain changes. Whilst we respect the positive intentions of well run union structures, it is disturbing to observe the tendency of some individuals who will “recruit at all costs”. I am and remain on record to say to anyone who cares to listen: Don’t mess with my vulnerable people!

To my Board, my Staff and every single worker I salute you. Well done on an excellent year under really tough conditions. Thank You, Thank You.

Please read through our informative Annual Report to gain a more detailed idea of the work that we so lovingly do at APDNMB.

Brian Bezuidenhout
Executive Director