Disability Rights Awareness Month 2017 – APD Staff Workshops

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The danger of having worked in the disability sector for many years is the relative ease with which we adopt a know-it-all attitude when it comes to disability matters.

At APD Nelson Mandela Bay we’re a diverse mix of people, both disabled and able-bodied, each with our own limitations, strengths and viewpoints. So it’s important we all remain mindful of each other’s differences and rights. By being open to exploring our own biases—one’s that we often fail to recognize in ourselves—we create space for constructive engagement which is foundational to creating a harmonious work environment

To recognize the importance of Disability Rights Awareness Month, APD’s sensitisation team presented two disability awareness workshops to our staff where the right to self-representation and the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities were highlighted in line with the 2017 theme.

We all agreed the workshops were long overdue and that even for those “disability veterans” among us there will always be tremendous benefit in taking a few more steps in our colleagues shoes (or rolling in their tracks).