Elroy & Godfrey’s Visit to APD

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Elroy & Godfrey's visit to APD
Ashlene shows the guys how to operate the
embroidery machines

“There is life after disability!” That was our message to Elroy and Godfrey who visited us on Tuesday.

They both had recent spinal cord injuries and are busy with their rehabilitation programs at Aurora Hospital.

Following a tour of our workshops and income-generating departments, both guys remarked how they felt motivated by the work ethic and never-say-die attitudes of our people.

They were particularly inspired by Nothemba, our Switchboard Operator and Admin Assistant, who demonstrated to them how a quadriplegic with limited hand function can be fully productive in an accessible work environment.

Elroy and Godrey, we wish you all the best for the remainder of your rehab programs and believe in time your stories will serve to inspire those that follow in your footsteps.