Labeling for Baywear Clothing
Labeling for Baywear

Our Mission is to promote the advancement of persons with disabilities so as to enable them to attain their maximum level of independence and integration into the community and to allow them to take their rightful place in society.

Our Vision is for Nelson Mandela Bay to be the most accessible, inclusive and disability-friendly metro in South Africa.

Our Purpose is summed up in our Ability cause: Changing lives by empowering persons with disabilities. We believe that by developing persons with disabilities in their personal capacities they in turn become powerful catalysts for change in their immediate social circles and, in time, their communities.



  • Provision of social developmental services to persons with disabilities to improve their personal well-being and facilitate full integration into their local communities
  • Provision of economic developmental services to persons with disabilities to facilitate equitable access to the economy and assist them on the path to financial independence
  • Confronting the challenge of mass unemployment amongst persons with disabilities (with an increasing focus on youth with disabilities) by:
    • Provision of basic and high-level sewing and garment-manufacturing skills training
    • Provision of sewing craft and hand craft skills training
    • Provision of screen-printing and embroidery skills training
    • Provision of income-generation work opportunities in our Ability Job Creation Centres
    • Developing persons with disabilities to become entrepreneurs and small business owners



  • Ability Job Creation Centres: We create income-generating work opportunities for persons with disabilities
  • Ability Day Care Centre for Children with Disabilities: We care for and provide daily physical and mental stimulation programmes for 32 profoundly disabled children
  • Ability Social Services: Our social work team provides social services (e.g. home visits, assisting with grant applications, etc.) to the disabled community we serve. We also involve ourselves with various community upliftment and development projects
  • Ability Recruitment: We place suitably qualified applicants with disabilities in the open-labour market
  • Ability Advocacy: We advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities by: Speaking on behalf of the disability sector in public and private arenas; conducting accessibility assessments of facilities and services; and facilitating disability sensitisation training programmes
  • Ability Inspire: We inspire change by sharing the stories of the people we serve