Nappy Run 2015 – Handover Of Much-Needed Nappies

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Nappy Run Supporters BadgeNappy Run is an annual national campaign to raise awareness about children with disabilities and to collect nappies for them.

Children with disabilities are society’s most exposed and vulnerable group. Educating the public about the conditions and challenges faced by our country’s children with disabilities is central to the Nappy Run campaign.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Collegiate Girls’ High School, Collegiate Junior School for Girls and Erica Girls Primary for their generous support of our Nappy Run 2015 campaign.

These 3 schools hosted the SAGSA (South African Girls Schools Association) in May and decided to use R5000.00 of their funds raised toward our Nappy Run campaign.

Nappies purchased from the donated money were handed over last week to APD’s social work team at Collegiate Junior School for Girls.

The nappies will be used at our APD Day Care Centre for Children with Disabilities and also distributed to needy beneficiaries in the local communities we serve.