Ability Wear Stories

LiezelMessage from Liezl (Hearing Impairment):

“I feel proud of myself at what I’ve achieved so far as a Junior Pattern Maker. It has given my self-esteem a boost.

I started working at APD in the Ability Industrial Job Creation Centre doing basic packing and sorting work. After a while, my manager informed me that the Ability Wear Job Creation Centre was looking for sewing trainees.

Initially I was put on a production line but struggled to cope with the speed due to limited function in my hands. The Sewing Manager then asked me if I had ever considered pattern making because of my natural creativity. I was then appointed as a Junior Pattern Maker to assist APD’s qualified Senior Designer. Let’s just say the rest is history!

Today I draw and grade my own patterns and assist in preparing new, custom designs. When my hard work has been acknowledged in the way that it has it excites me for the future and I continue to set new boundaries for myself and others that will follow.”

CraigMessage from Craig (Physical Disability):

“I started working at APD about 3 years ago.

At the time there weren’t any available positions in the Ability Wear Job Creation Centre. However, I was determined not to give up so I arranged a meeting with the Centre Manager. A few days later she contacted me to let me know that the centre was looking for someone to manage the stores/packing department. I jumped at the opportunity!

APD gave me a chance when nobody else was willing to do so. I had previously worked at several companies but never had found my “home”.

At APD I learned what it is to be really happy in your work place. Here we show love and support to each other. My life has improved a lot because of APD. I want to thank my managers for the opportunity and for believing in me.”