The launch of Wheelchair Wednesday 2014
The launch of Wheelchair Wednesday 2014

During 2014 we repeated the very successful and unique Wheelchair Wednesday campaign sponsored by Spar Eastern Cape. The basic concept of able-bodied participants spending 4 hour in a wheelchair was launched in 2012.

Spar Wheelchair Wednesday 2014 which took place on all 5 Wednesdays in July was again an overwhelming success with 100 Participants, each with their own “helper/pusher” using the allocated 4 hours to move around the PE business environment to report back on wheelchair related accessibility issues. Participants were given a task sheet/route map which included issues like going to a ATM, restaurant, supermarket, etc.

The 100 wheelchairs that were allocated to the participants to use during the event were handed to 100 worthy, hand-picked recipients at a gala event during August at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

A handsome sum of R350000 was raised for our job creation workshops.

• Create awareness regarding issues relating to accessibility for People with Disabilities within the business environment of Nelson Mandela Bay
• Involve business in making a difference by handing over 100 Wheelchairs to needy beneficiaries
• Have business at large assess and recommend changes regarding accessibility
• Raise much needed funds for the APD Protective Workshops for Persons with Disabilities