SPAR Wheelchair Wednesday 2016 – Week 5 (SPAR Sherwood)

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SPAR Wheelchair Wednesday 2016 Week 5 launched from SPAR Sherwood.

Cawekazi & Liane from Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa had the following to say about their experiences of spending 4 hours in a wheelchair:

“From having to ask people to please move their chairs to get to a seat in a restaurant or using a public loo while in a wheelchair, everything is that much trickier.

The higher shelves at stores are inaccessible while aisles are too small and you can’t see over counters.

Even the wheelchair friendly places aren’t that “friendly” especially those ramps which aren’t so easy to get up and down on.

I’m sure Liane (my assistant for the day) is feeling the burn from pushing me up those inclines and from lifting the wheelchair in and out the car everywhere we went.

I have new found MEGA respect for people living with disabilities. Us able-bodied people have it easy.

To Spar, APD and everyone else who made it possible for us to participate, thank you for this eye-opening experience.”