Wheelchair Wednesday 2015 helps sustain Job Creation for Persons with Disabilities

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APD’s Ability Job Creation Centres provide meaningful work for some 100 persons with disabilities, who in most cases, due to various social and structural reasons, are not considered employable by the open labour market.

Ability Wear Job Creation Centre - Sewing Training and Employment

Providing life-changing services to the disabled community in Nelson Mandela Bay is an expensive operation. In line with most other NPOs our biggest costs are operational. These operational costs however cannot be divorced from the services we provide. They are integral to our ongoing, effective delivery of services.

The proceeds from the Wheelchair Wednesday campaign help to sustain this meaningful service.

The Ability Wear Job Creation Centre provides sewing and garment-manufacturing skills training and income-generating work opportunities to people with disabilities. The centre custom manufactures and brands a wide range of clothing apparel for local companies, government departments and schools in and around Nelson Mandela Bay (Port Elizabeth, Uitenhage and Despatch).

The centre includes Sewing, Screen-printing and Embroidery operations.

On-the-job skills training and knowledge transfer is ongoing in this centre. We are continually looking to identify persons with disabilities with potential to receive further sewing, printing, and embroidery training.

We have seen an increasing number of people with disabilities, who have been trained and received employment in this centre begin to improve the socio-economic conditions of their families and communities. This is proof that the centre is playing an increasingly important role in the alleviation of poverty in the disabled community we serve.

Ability Wear Job Creation Centre - Baby and Ladies Spencers

The centre is in line with the developmental objectives outlined in the National Development Plan 2030. It fulfils several of the key targets set out in the NDP, namely, poverty reduction, economic growth, economic transformation and job creation.

The Ability Wear Job Creation Centre is the only one of its kind in Nelson Mandela Bay and provides a unique and vital service to the local disabled community.

Currently there are approximately 40 persons with disabilities working in the centre.

The beneficiaries of this centre mostly come from impoverished communities in Nelson Mandela Bay.