Wheelchair Wednesday 2017 – Week 2 (Sunridge SUPERSPAR)

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Wheelchair Wednesday 2017 Week 2 launched from Sunridge SUPERSPAR.

The project slogan says it all: “Spend 4 hours in a wheelchair and change a life”

APD Exco Member Billy Paulsen had the following to say about his experience of spending 4 hours in a wheelchair:

“I spent four hours in a wheelchair that changed my paradigm. I once again learned a valuable lesson about myself that made me rethink and also opened my eyes to a total different scenario. My wife and daughter agreed to push me around in a wheelchair for four hours. My first challenge was physically having to get into my car with my legs strapped together and having to maneuver myself out of the wheelchair and into the car. I was confronted with the reality of life and immediately went into an auto mode. It was as if I changed roles with another person. Here I was confronted with the reality of something that is real and an everyday experience in our society. Being “Unable to be Able” to walk to my car, open the door and just get in, swing the ignition and off I go. While my wife was videoing the whole procedure of me trying to get into my vehicle something struck me and I said to myself that I am going to live every moment of the next four hours as if I was the new person I have become.”

We will be updating the Facebook page regularly so keep checking back for all the highlights of this year’s campaign!