Wheelchair Wednesday 2017 – Week 4 (SPAR Algoa Foods)

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Wheelchair Wednesday 2017 Week 4 launched from SPAR Algoa Foods.

The project slogan says it all: “Spend 4 hours in a wheelchair and change a life”

After spending 4 hours in a wheelchair, Reverend Aydn Wilson commented, “No amount of chatting to other folk regarding this challenge could ever compare to the actual experience itself. What do I mean? Well for starters, the awareness of the slightest bump or incline came with a magnification I could never have imagined. The limitations of being confined to the wheelchair and the thought that this is what many folk have to experience permanently gave me a sense of respect and admiration for the apparatus dependent folk in our community use. They may be seen as physically disabled but I see them as being among the strongest from a mental fitness and determination point of view.”

We will be updating the Facebook page regularly so keep checking back for all the highlights of this year’s campaign!