Wheelchair Wednesday 2017 – Week 5 (Waterfront SUPERSPAR)

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Wheelchair Wednesday 2017 Week 5 launched from Waterfront SUPERSPAR.

The project slogan says it all: “Spend 4 hours in a wheelchair and change a life”

Annette Lovemore, Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality MMC for Infrastructure and Engineering, had the following to say about his experience of spending 4 hours in a wheelchair: “What an incredible morning participating in Wheelchair Wednesday. Very very humbling.”

Jon-Paul Raper, Mr PE uberMANn 2017 commented, “Being an able-bodied person getting strapped into a wheelchair to feel how it feels and how difficult it is to be disabled is not a joke. Makes you realize how many obstacles there are for persons with disabilities and we should be thankful for being able to do what we need to.”

We will be updating the Facebook page regularly so keep checking back for all the highlights of this year’s campaign!