Wheelchair Wednesday 2018 – Week 2 (SPAR Linton Grange)

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Wheelchair Wednesday 2018 Week 2 launched from SPAR Linton Grange.

Brett Muzzell from SPAR Linton Grange had the following to say after spending his four hours in the wheelchair: “The experience of spending time in a wheelchair is always a humbling one. You gain a true perspective of the challenges faced by physically disabled people just to complete every day “normal” tasks. Nothing is easily accomplished, and patience is key. Every task takes that much longer to complete.

Retrospectively compared to my first 4 hours in a wheelchair, it appears that things have generally improved and there seems to be a better awareness to the needs of disabled people.

Well done to you and your team at the APD for getting this message across and getting people and organisations to be more aware of the challenges and requirements necessary to assist the physically disabled.”

We will be updating the Facebook page regularly so keep checking back for all the highlights of this year’s campaign!